About Kenswitch

Established in 2002 in the Kenyan market, Kenswitch is a preferred payment service provider. Regulated by the National Payment System Act 2011, Kenswitch facilitates commercial banks, insurance companies, and other financial services intermediaries with ubiquitous payment processing across the African region.
Kenswitch customers use scheme cards to access financial services over the wide network of ATMs, Agency Banking, Merchant POS, and e-commerce merchant outlets. Kenswitch also offers a range of value-add products and services within the financial space.
At, Kenswitch we are committed to enabling clients to receive end-to-end payment solutions by initiating efficient ways to improve the quality of payment methods through our partnerships, technical and professional resources, and collaboration with industry leaders. ives the need to upskill employees and invests resources into contemporary training and development to empower all representatives to become specialists in their individual fields. At EFT Corp we “grow our own” while pushing the limits.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Enabling seamless payments throughout the Kenswitch Footprint by providing customers with industry leading payment technology and solutions.

Core Values

Core values

* To provide the most effective and efficient service to all our customers.
* To continuously improve the quality of our service and products.
* To safeguard the welfare of our stakeholders.

Working for Kenswitch

Kenswitch aims to provide an innovative, inspiring, and challenging work environment with a team that motivates and mentors all employees. Working for Kenswitch exposes all employees to new opportunities and new payments experience through our Pan-African footprint. The Kenswitch environment evolves employees into experts in their industry through practical experience and training and is led by highly skilled team leads, managers and executives.


Kenswitch employment policies provide for appropriate, consistent, and fair methods of meeting our strategic objectives that support mobility across the different business units throughout the company. We recruit high calibre and technical savvy staff to serve the customers and business needs of our organisation. Our approach is professional and fair. At Kenswitch, we embrace the principles of equity to ensure a bias-free employee selection and retention process.

Contact us

Physical address: Kenswitch Limited Pitman House, 5th floor, Jakaya Kikwete Road

Postal address: P.O Box 28364-00100, Nairobi.

+254 725 232244

Kenswitch Products

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

  • Guaranteed access to your money 24/7
  • Kenswitch has the single largest homogeneous ATM fleet in Kenya making up more than 90% of the installed ATM capacity in the country.
  • Our ATMs are located at bank branches, shopping malls, fuel stations, hospitals, educational institutions, and residential neighborhoods across all 47 counties.
  • ATMs are conveniently located where cardholders can easily access them. Any bank issuing a card on the network immediately has a countrywide presence.

Domestic Interbank Transfer Service (DITS)

  • Cost-Effective Real Time Money Transfer Service and Payment Solution.
  • Kenswitch offers the interbank transfer service for senders who wish to transfer money to recipients holding accounts of other banks through various banking channels.
  • Kenswitch’ s interbank payments platform DITS allows businesses to make payments of up to one million shillings per transactions 24 x 7 x 365.
  • The service is available across the mobile, internet, ATM and Point of Sale (POS) channels.

Agent Banking

  • Withdraw and Deposit Cash at over 10,000 Agents Countrywide.
  • Agent based banking was introduced by the CBK to allow banks to offer alternative channels for delivery of financial services to their customers.
  • The premise of agent banking is to provide a subset of banking services using non-bank agents.
  • Kenswitch aggregates over 10,000 agents allowing for the effect and efficient use of scarce resources with consumers depositing and withdrawing cash across the country.

Merchant Point of Sale (POS)

  • Kenswitch, through its acquiring banks, aggregates and encourages the use of cards at merchant outlets for shopping.
  • The Kenswitch card has a countrywide acceptance at supermarkets, fuel stations, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and other retail outlets.

Card Issuance and Hosting

  • Issue and Manage your Card Business Efficiently & Cost Effectively
  • Kenswitch facilitates issuance of private label dual interface cards to financial institutions via its card management system (CMS).
  • The card supports magnetic stripe, chip (EMV) and NFC (near field communications) technologies.
  • The full function card management system delivers both debit and prepaid card hosting functionality.

Channel Management

  • Outsource your ATM network to us and reduce your operational costs.
  • The robust payment switch software Postilion ® allows Kenswitch to host and manage ATMs and POS terminals.
  • This allows institutions to quickly deploy ATMs and POS terminals while outsourcing their management to Kenswitch.
  • The company has the requisite skills and experience to ensure international standards and best practice are adhered to via our 24-hour contact centre.