Providing convenient and secure
Payment systems.

About Card and POS

EFT Corp has developed a full suite of products that embrace the payments value chain to satisfy various customer demands. The payment product suite consists of stand-alone systems and individual complementary products, integrated into a payments value chain that allows us to deliver a turnkey solution that meets our customer’s needs. Our flagship payment systems products include the following:

Card Hosting

Enabling your VISA, Mastercard, UPI and CPA card strategy through our ready-for-use platform. We offer CPA card hosting with optional stand-in processing to ensure continuity of service for your customers.

Card Issuance and Pin/Instant issuance

Manage on-demand card and pin instant issuance through a simple, secure portal with complementary devices and applications to support any instant issuance strategy.

POS Driving

Providing a high-value POS Driving service including self-service Terminal Management through a secure Portal and end-to-end management of connectivity, reconciliation, merchant reporting and device repairs.


Providing receipting through SMS with our Mobile POS as an inexpensive channel for low-volume merchants or works to enable merchant checkout directly on the shop floor. Convenient for shoppers with only a few items to buy.

iPOS, including Multi-Lane iPOS

Card processing directly from the retail point-of-sale software ensuring instant correlation between card transactions and invoices, reduced receipting costs, real-time stock control, and a single point of reconciliation. This service is a retailer’s dream solution providing unparalleled convenience.

Terminal Applications

Individually or conveniently combined supply, certification, and customisation of terminal applications for all common use cases for a merchant, agency, or branch.

Card personalisation:

We complement any card strategy with secure and convenient card personalisation through our in-house personalisation service.


Electronic Voucher warehousing and distribution through any hosted POS, MPOS and iPOS channels for almost any type of voucher.