Switching with a purpose.

EFT Hosted switching services

EFT Corp owns and utilises multiple Postilion Systems which sit at the centre of our switching and payments processing solution. These switches dynamically acquire, route, switch, authenticate and authorize transactions across multiple payment channels.
All of this is supported with high availability servers, encrypted via our Thales HSM’s, and manned by our competent skilled operations team, in a PCI DSS and EMV compliant environment. Payment processing continuity services are supported by an Active/Active disaster recovery and redundancy capability.
Our hosted managed switching offering enables us to extend you payments network by adding new payment methods and providers easily without enormous integration costs.

Our professionally managed switching and transaction processing services offer near 100% uptime on a 24/7/365 basis.

This hosted managed service is also available in the Cloud.

Why us?

Efficient switching services allows for a reduced total cost of ownership, which means that the cost per transaction is reduced through economies of scale and operational efficiencies. The service is built on industry standard compliance, so we take the obligation off your shoulders and ensure that maintenance and operations conform 100% of the time.
You are ensured of a progressive payment’s modernization capability where comprehensive solutions for all categories of customers and payments are present, supported, and available as needed.

Capacity for those peak loads is no longer an issue as we provide dynamic availability to meet your peak volumes.
EFT Corp delivers proven performance, high availability, scalability and security for all your payments processing.