Extending our customers value-chain by offering one-stop payment solutions.

EFT Corp’s ecommerce division aims to deliver solutions that are affordable, flexible, and safe.

EFT Corp eCommerce

The EFT Corp branded Payments Gateway (EFT Pay) supports both local and cross-border payments quickly and securely across all channels and geographies. Available in white-label form as either a gateway-to-gateway expansion service or a fully modular payments solution, the gateway offers innovative technology based on open payments architecture and an extensive international network. All this is available through one single integration point, giving payment providers increased speed to market and a complete set of customizable tools to meet the payment demands of any merchant and their diverse range of shoppers.


EFT Pay, the eCommerce division of EFT Corp, provides a one stop eCommerce solutions provider. We offer real-time, secure, fast, online payment capabilities and enable the industry’s most complete omni-channel payments experience.
The feature-rich payment processing capabilities of the Payments Gateway are built upon open payments technology that can rapidly adapt to any market and any business need, anywhere in the world.
EFT Pay includes a powerful omni-channel transaction processing API, as well as the ability to build new applications and services quickly and easily in line with merchant needs. An open API allows access to the complete set of features and front-end widgets as a one-stop shop payment solution. Multi-language, multi-currency, security, alternative payment methods and PCI-compliant tokenization capabilities are all integrated and supported. This helps ensure that merchants have access to everything they need to expand their businesses and serve their customers wherever and however they shop safely, securely and quickly. This is a White Label solution.
It goes without saying that we have a comprehensive set of Gateway services enabling a fast and secure way to make payments. At EFT Pay our Gateway solution does just that. We offer secure PCI DSS compliant acquiring and issuing solutions, supporting major global and national brands through a single convenient integration. Supporting terminal certifications of chosen brands for POS, ATM and Card Not Present.

EFT Pay Scan to Pay App

EFT Pay scan to pay app was created to offer online merchants a new form of online payment support. The solution provides shoppers freedom only credit card payment methods through a payment process that is easily integrated with ecommerce sites. EFT Pay scan to pay app is also available in mobile app form and offers a simpler, safer, and user-friendly experience for customers.

Whatsapp Banking

The Whatsapp banking Business Solution is designed for any enterprise wishing to engage with mobile customers on Whatsapp chat. The Whatsapp Business Solution supports popular Whatsapp features and allows real-time messaging through both business-initiated and customer-initiated conversation and engagement.
Whatsapp banking portals will be able to offer customers the ability to perform basic actions.